Youssef Bestavros

Primary Advisor: Nicholas Cowan

Youssef Bestavros is a 3rd year undergraduate student at McGill University, pursuing a Bachelors of Physics with a Minor in Computer Science. He was the recipient of a SURA Science Undergraduate Student Award in 2019.

Youssef has been a member of Prof. Guillaume Gervais' lab for almost two years (2016-2018), during which he was building and testing a possible environment for the detection of acoustic black holes. In addition, he is now part of the McGill Space Group as a payload leader with the ultimate objective of sending a CubeSat satellite to space for Earth Observing applications. Moreover, he will undertake the task as VP Finance for the McGill Student Physics Society (MSPS) in Fall 2019. Currently, he is working with Prof. Nicolas Cowan on characterizing the surfaces and atmospheres of exoplanets.