TEPS April Seminar - April 14th, 2021 @ 2pm ET

Featured Speakers: Thomas Vandal, Tim Hallatt, Alexander Frias Thomas Vandal Thomas Vandal received his B.Sc. from McGill University in 2020. During his undergraduate studies, Thomas completed two summer internships at the Institute for research on exoplanets (iREx) under the supervision of René Doyon, Julien Rameau and Lauren Weiss. He worked on modelling the stellar pulsations […]

TEPS March 2021 Seminar w/ Abhishek Gupta

Featured Speaker: Abhishek Gupta Bio Abhishek Gupta is the Founder and Principal Researcher at the Montreal AI Ethics Institute (https://montrealethics.ai​ ) and a Machine Learning Engineer at Microsoft where he serves on the CSE Responsible AI Board. He is representing Canada for the International Visitor Leaders Program (IVLP) administered by the US State Department as […]

TEPS February 2021 Seminar w/ Victoria Meadows

Title: Do The Clouds of Venus Contain Phosphine? Abstract: The observation of a 266.94 GHz feature in the Venus spectrum has been attributed to phosphine (PH3) in the Venus clouds, suggesting unexpected geological, chemical or even biological processes. Since both PH3 and sulfur dioxide (SO2) are spectrally active near 266.94 GHz, the contribution to this […]

TEPS January 2021 Seminar w/ BJ Fulton

Title: Is our Solar System Unique? A Holistic View of Exoplanet Demographics Abstract: The Kepler and K2 missions blessed the community with a plethora of planet transit detections which enabled studies of exoplanet size demographics. Much of the recent progress in this field is driven by improved characterization of the stellar hosts. Our group recently […]

TEPS December 2020 Seminar w/ Ellyne Kinney

Ellyne Kinney is a Principal Solutions Engineer at MDA. Her expertise lies in Aerospace Program Management and Engineering, with experience in technical program management and systems engineering for ground and space-based remote sensing missions, instrument system integration and testing, and ground as well as on-orbit calibration. She was a key contributor to projects that include […]

TEPS November 2020 Seminar Dr. Jason Barnes

Speaker: Dr. Jason Barnes Bio: Dr. Barnes studies the physics of planets and planetary systems. He uses NASA spacecraft data to study planets that orbit stars other than the Sun and the composition and nature of the surface of Saturn's moon Titan. He is Deputy Principal Investigator on the Dragonfly NASA space mission, which will […]

TEPS October 2020 Talk With Ganna (Anya) Portyankina

Ganna (Anya) Portyankina was born in USSR and grew up in Ukraine. She studied physics and astronomy in Kharkiv National University where in 2000 she got Specialist degree (soviet equivalent to Master of Science). For the topic of her thesis Ganna picked dynamics of binary asteroids. Among hundreds of light curves of asteroids she had […]

TEPS September 2020 Seminar w/ Oliver Boodram & Olivia Lim

Oliver Boodram “Assessing the Dynamical Stability of Tightly-packed Inner Planetary Systems in the Presence of an Undetected Outer Planetary System” Following the Kepler mission, there was a surprising abundance of observed exoplanetary systems that varied in structure relative to our own Solar System. In particular, a new type of planetary structure revealed itself to be […]