A Program Committee (PC) will provide oversight and high-level guidance to the program. The PC will meet twice per year. The chair of the PC will rotate on a yearly basis and will be selected from the membership of the PC, excepting Moores and Cowan. In addition to the PC, four other committees will ensure the TEPS Program objectives are met. These include:

(1) An Admissions, Awards and Scientific Committee (AASC) to oversee the selection of students into the training program and to select top undergraduate students for the yearly conference. This committee will also organize the monthly seminars and will select awards for the program trainees (Chair: Strong)
(2) An S3 Committee to oversee the Summer Skills Series program (Chair: Lee)
(3) An X-I2 Committee to oversee the competitive selection of cross-disciplinary international internships (Chair: Gladman)
(4) An I-in-I Committee to oversee the competitive selection of internships in industry (Chair: Marois)

     In addition to the membership described above, trainees will be asked to nominate representatives for each committee. Student participation will benefit both trainees and the TEPS program as a whole by providing students with leadership opportunities and
ensuring that the program is responsive to the needs of trainees.