Meet the Team

Dr. John E. MooresJohn Moores

York University,
Earth and Space Science and Engineering

Program Director

Nicolas CowanNicolas Cowan

McGill University,
Earth and Planetary Sciences

Deputy Program Director

René DoyonRené Doyon

University of Montréal,

Brett Gladman

University of British Columbia,
Physics and Astronomy

cm-084small-headChristian Marois

University of Victoria,
Physics and Astronomy

Catherine NeishCatherine Neish

University of Western Ontario,
Earth Sciences


kimberlystrong_headshot1699Kimberly Strong

University of Toronto,
Department of Physics


Regina S. K. Lee

York University,
Physics and Astronomy


Björn Benneke

Université de Montréal,
Department of Physics



Isaac Smith

York University
Assistant Professor and the Canada Research Chair in Planetary Science


Eve Lee

Assistant Professor
McGill University