Tue Giang Nguyen


Primary Advisor: John Moores

Secondary Advisor: Kimberly Strong

Mr. Tue Giang Nguyen completed his BSc in Joint Physics and Atmospheric Science at McGill University. At McGill, he was academically successful in a strong atmospheric science program and brings these qualities with him to his graduate work. He is now starting MSc in Dr. John E. Moores’ group. Mr. Nguyen has been a member of Dr. Moores’ group for two months and has eagerly taken on the challenges of working in a research group and exploring the martian atmosphere.

Relevance to TEPS

This project will develop techniques that will be used to test fundamental models of atmospheric dynamics. These models are currently in use to describe planetary
and exoplanetary atmospheres. As such, this improved local knowledge will, in turn, lead directly to better simulations of the atmospheres of bodies within our local laboratory
and beyond.