TEPS Seminar - October 23, 2019

S p e a k e r s


Miranda Herman, PhD

University of Toronto 

 "Search for TiO and Optical Night-side Emission from the Atmosphere of WASP-33b"


Jacob Kloos, PhD

York University

 "Illumination conditions within permanently shadowed regions at
the lunar poles: implications for in-situ passive remote sensing


Antoine Darveau-Bernier, PhD

University of Montréal

 "High-dispersion emission spectroscopy with the Spectro-Polarimeter in the InfraRed (SPIRou) at the Canada-France-Hawai-Telescope (CFHT)"



Please click here, to view the seminar or paste the following link into your browser: https://youtu.be/KPZPCFEpOt4