Simon Delisle








Primary Advisor: Björn Benneke

Simon completed his undergraduate degree in Physics at the McGill University in April 2020. He worked in summer 2019 with Björn Benneke at the University of Montreal with fixing Spitzer’s intra pixels sensitivity variations by using machine learning techniques, such as Neural Networks.

He is currently doing his Master’s under the supervision of with Björn Benneke. Currently, his work focuses on three dimensional transit spectrum calculations, with an emphasis on day and night side mapping using the variations of the orbital phase of the planet during transit. Fast and precise calculations of transit spectrum for three dimensional planets, coupled to the precision given by JWST, will allow to use these models in retrievals and constrain the moleculars abundances and temperatures on the day and night side. Moreover, model errors that are known to be present for one dimensional models, such as higher terminator temperatures, will be fixed.