Sam Clemens

Primary Advisor: Regina Lee

Secondary Advisor: Alex Ellery

Sam Clemens  completed his B.Eng in Space Engineering from York University in June 2017. He was a Lassonde Scholar as an undergrad and started his M.Sc in Earth and Space Science with Dr. Regina Lee in September 2017 at York University. His thesis dealt with space situational awareness. More specifically on detecting resident space objects (RSO) (debris, active/inactive satellites etc.) using commercial off the shelf star trackers. The goal is to gain better space situational awareness of the space environment around Earth to prevent collisions and loss of space assets. The thesis consists of the development of a MATLAB simulator to predict the effectiveness of a star tracker for resident space object detection, validation of the simulator using real images from the FAI instrument on board CASSIOPE as well as recommended parameters for a future mission using a star tracker to detect resident space objects.