Nick Zonta








Primary Advisor: Regina Lee

Nicholas Zonta is a master's student at York University in the field of Earth and Space Science working on thermal control for microphotonics systems and payload hardware design for microsatellites.

His work in collaboration with Honeywell on the external temperature control system of their On-Chip Optical Photonics Array project has expanded to become his thesis. This research aims to improve the effective output, stability, and coherence of highly thermally sensitive on-chip elements to improve signal strength and performance.
Prior to master's, Nicholas graduated with a BEng, specializing in Space Engineering. Under Dr. Regina Lee in the SPARC Lab, of which he was a part of as an undergraduate research assistant for over 3 years, previous work and research involved printed circuit board design and hardware integration for payloads for the DESCENT satellite mission, launched in November 2020, and of the IRIS satellite mission currently in development through York University and the University of Manitoba.