Lisa Dang

Primary Advisor: Nicolas Cowan

Secondary Advisor: Sabine Stanley


During B.Sc.

Lisa Dang had completed her B.Sc. ins Honours Physics at McGill University. Her bachelor honours thesis was about the occurrence rate of long-period exoplanets using RV measurements supervised by Prof. Andrew Cumming. She attended Leiden University (NL) during her undergrad doing a quantitative study on Astronomers Views on Education and Public Outreach in partnership with the International Astronomical Union, which lead to a publication.

Graduate Studies

Lisa Dang entered the M.Sc in Physics at McGill in Sep 2016 and fast-tracked to the program in Jan 2018. She specialize in the characterization of the atmosphere of hot Jupiters using thermal phase curve, and so far have published a paper presenting the Spitzer phase curve of CoRoT-2b in Nature Astronomy. She received a Visiting Graduate Researcher Fellowship from the Infrared Processing and Analysis Center to work on the Spitzer Microlens Parallax Survey at Caltech in Pasadena.


Among other students, Lisa Dang started the annual McGill Physics Hackathon, an event that aims to reconcile physics, arts, and technology. She is the Physics Outreach Coordinate and the current chair of AstroMcGill, a student-led outreach organization.