Kajendra Seevananthan


Primary Advisor: Regina Lee

Secondary Advisor: Alex Ellery

Kajendra Seevananthan completed his BASc in Space Engineering and is currently working on his MSc in Space Science at York University with Dr.  Regina Lee. His research experience as a Space Engineering Research Assistant in Earth & Space Science & Engineering at YorkU include developing a lunar rover & topographic models in Matlab and implementing path planning algorithm to optimize for power generation. He has chosen his thesis topic based on his personal strength and continue to strive for excellence in the chosen field of satellite communication and simulation-based analysis. In the short 8-month in MSc program, he has completed the literature survey and background study. He has also identified several methodologies (design parameters, simulation tools, platform to build his initial testbed, etc.) for this research work. Moreover, as a Bioinformatics Research Assistant in the Department of Biology at YorkU, he developed python multi-core programs to analyze dataset and created scripts to analyze & verify honey bee genome dataset.