Haley Sapers








Primary Advisor: John Moores

Dr. Haley Sapers received her PhD as a Canada Vanier Scholar in Planetary Science at Western University where studied the biological implications of  impact craters and their potential to preserve biosignatures. Haley was a Human Frontier in Science Program postdoctoral fellow working with the NASA Astrobiology Deep Life node jointly between the University of Southern California, the California Institute of Technology, and the NASA Jet propulsion laboratory where she worked with Mars 2020 SHERLOC team, experimenting with deep UV Raman in biological systems. Haley was also involved in studying the structure and architecture of deep subsurface microbial communities 4850’ underground at the Sanford Underground Research Facility and in ocean floor methane seeps at the bottom of the Monterey Canyon. Haley is currently a Research Associate in the Planetary Volatile Laboratory at York and a Science team collaborator on MSL where she works with Prof. John Moores testing novel methods of measuring methane to improve our understanding of near-surface atmospheric chemistry on Mars with implications for potential subsurface life.