Fuat Diriker

Primary Advisor: Regina Lee

Secondary Advisor: Alex Ellery

Fuat Kaan Diriker is a 4th year undergraduate student at York University. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Space Engineering. Fuat has been working under Dr. Regina Lee since 2018, developing the payload software for the SCEPTILE payload of the DESCENT satellite. Fuat has specialized in hardware debugging, MCU programming and serial interfacing during his time working under Dr. Lee. His contribution to the SCEPTILE mission aims to demonstrate increased power production in CubeSats, without enlarging the solar panel size, by using Moth-Eye Antireflective Cover Glasses. Fuat hopes that this payload could enable future CubeSat mission to have increased power budgets without raising the complexity of their designs.

Alongside the SCEPTILE payload, Fuat is involved in the upcoming ManitobaSat mission. He aims to deliver the Attitude Determination and Control payload to this mission. This payload will include a new cutting-edge sun sensor design developed by the SPARC Lab where Fuat is currently employed. The sun sensor will be accompanied by magnetorquers and the necessary control circuits for operations.

Fuat believes developing the necessary tools for scientific research is very important and help initiate new scientific discoveries. He hopes that by developing new components for CubeSat missions, universities and CubeSat operators will be able to improve their research capabilities and make revolutionary discoveries.