Elisabeth Smith


Primary Advisor: John Moores

Secondary Advisor: Catherine Neish

Ms. Smith has been a member of Dr. John E. Moores's group for the past two months and in that time has shown herself to be resourceful and committed to our research projects and has displayed a high degree of technical aptitude. As a mechanical engineer from a top US program (Rensalaer Polytechnic Institute, a private university in upstate New York is ranked in the top 5 engineering programs in the the US by USA Today in 2014) she is exactly the kind of trainee we wish to attract – a student who can apply her technical skills to Planetary and Exoplanetary problems. She was successful in her undergraduate work and her undergraduate references ranked her very highly, within the top 2% of students in some areas.

Relevance to TEPS

This project will develop a technology that has the capability to assist with robotic space exploration (i.e. ‘Instrument Development’), therefore helping to quantify key parameters of atmospheres and liquid columns within the ‘Local Laboratory.’ This improved local knowledge will, in turn, help to refine models of exoplanetary atmospheres.