Dylan Keating


Primary Advisor: Nicolas Cowan

Secondary Advisor: René Doyon

Dylan Keating completed his B.Sc. Physics (Honours) at University of Calgary, with a special research focus on space physics. He also attended CaNoRock-3 Sounding Rocket Field Course at Andoya Rocket Range, Norway in 2011 as one of the ten participants from across western Canada, based on the strength of his academic record and his interest in and enthusiasm for space research.  Dylan also won an NSERC undergraduate research award and continued to be a summer research student for Dr. David Knudsen.

During his undergrad, Dylan completed a two-semester thesis project in space physics, studying electrical current structures in diffuse aurora using satellite data from the CHAMP satellite mission. He also worked as a research assistant and helped in constructing a spacecraft instrument in University of Calgary. Moreover, he began a project to determine how the typical alignment of quiet auroral arcs depends on the interplanetary magnetic field, which resulted in JGR publication.

His academic achievements, publications and research experience demonstrate the value he will add to the TEPS program!