Christina Smith


Primary Advisor: John Moores

Secondary Advisor: Christian Marois

Dr. Christina L. Smitha is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow in Dr. John E. Moores’ group and a trainee in the TEPS group. She completed her PhD in Astrophysics from the Jodrell Bank Observatory located at the University of Manchester, UK. In her short career, she has already published 8 papers in respected journals.

She has also shown a capacity to understand and contribute to the instrument side of astronomical and planetary sciences. She has been certified as an Environmental Science Lead and Keeper of the Plan (ESTLK) for MSL. She also is responsible for developing scientific observations to be run on the rover, advocating for these observations to the science team and analyzing the data. Throughout her career, she demonstrated the ability to develop an idea into a publishable paper, and will continue to develop her skills and expand her research.