Breannon Lewis


Primary Advisor: Regina Lee

Secondary Advisor: Alex Ellery

Mr. Breannon Lewis is a soon to be BSCE graduate and EIT from York’s Space Engineering program, with experience as a research assistant for Professor Regina Lee at York university in both design and modeling projects. As a research assistant, Breannon designed and built a Helmholtz cage to test magnetic torquers for nano satellites, in which he was the team lead. He also worked on modeling and simulation of the heat characteristics of a communication nano satellite for Kepler.

Relevance to TEPS

The main objective of his research project is to design and implement an optimization algorithm for autonomous mission planning to maximize communication link time for telecommunication missions in low Earth orbit. The project includes in-depth study on various scenarios and situations that hinder communication link time and that the satellite may encounter in orbit that would interfere of compromise communication during the mission of the satellite. The project aims to design an efficient and effective mission planning algorithm to introduce autonomy in ground to satellite communication. For this project autonomy in satellite operation’s main goals is to overcome significant time delay in space-to-ground or satellite-to-satellite communication and to reduce the cost of missions (since they will be unmanned).