Alexandre Séguin

Primary Advisor: John Moores

Secondary Advisor: Catherine Neish

Alexandre Séguin is a 4th year undergraduate student at York University, pursuing a Bachelors of Engineering with a specialty in Space Engineering. During his first year, he received the prestigious Lassonde Scholarship for academic excellence and entrepreneurial potential. He was also the recipient of an NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award in 2017.

Mr. Séguin has been a junior member of Dr. John Moores’ research group for almost two years. During the 2017 summer months, he began investigating how the speed of sound could be leveraged to determine the mixing ratio of methane and other trace gases in Titan's lower troposphere. In addition to this ongoing endeavor, he is now undertaking another project focused on improving the dynamic range of imaging instruments, so that they can be aimed directly at or near the Sun. Mr. Séguin firmly believes innovation takes place at the overlap between science and engineering, and so is a strong supporter of TEPS’ vision.