Akash Chauhan


Primary Advisor: Regina Lee

Secondary Advisor: Alex Ellery

Akash Chauhan completed his BASc in Astronomy and is currently doing his MSc in Physics with Dr. Regina Lee at York University. He started as an undergraduate trainee in TEPS working on Interferometric Fiber Optic Gyroscopes(IFOG), which has expanded to become his master’s thesis. He is interested in this attitude determination sensor because it challenges him to learn physics which ranges from optics, quantum mechanics to general relativity while still providing plenty of engineering experiences in topics like control systems.

Relevance to TEPS

Doing Science is important but developing the necessary tools to enable the science is equally important.  The IFOG provides sub arc minute accuracy with low a bias drift which implies that there is great attitude control of the satellites which can have a science payload. For example, with better knowledge of the satellite's attitude, one can point a telescope at a celestial body for longer periods of time with greater accuracy, which eventually leads to better data for researchers.